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Jeeves the British Wine Butler


Never drink alone again! Jeeves will amaze your friends at dinner parties as your personal British wine butler

Employ the services of Jeeves the boozy butler. Every time you pour wine with this cheeky bottle grabbing servant he has something to say. He is the ideal drinking partner. Jeeves says increasingly witty comments, in his upper class British accent, as the wine flows. He knows how many drinkers he is serving and even gets tipsy and starts slurring as the bottle empties.

Bottle Buddy

The Butler title originally applied to the person who had charge of the wine cellar and dispensed liquors, the name being derived from old French bouteillier, "bottle bearer."

In the European Middle Ages it meant precisely this; bottle bearer, but in time it came to mean an official of the crown, who nominally had charge of the wine. When hearing the word 'Butler' we think of Great Britain. Although manservants have been employed all over the world as long as one cares to remember, it was the British Butler who transformed this profession into a form of art and thus became the standard in this field.

A British Butler was authoritative, witty, snobbish, discreet and intelligent.

Jeeves more than lives up to the Butler heritage and tradition…..

Jolly butler sits on a bottle and talks as you pour


Jeeves snaps around the neck of any standard size wine bottle and is automatically activated and comments “Join the Party”
Even if it’s not yet 5 O’Clock!

Each time the bottle pours wine Jeeves says a cheeky one liner and his words start to slur as the wine flows.

Join the party!
Oh, we're not alone.
Very very drunk
Are you taking me to another bottle?

Jeeves the British Wine Butler:

Jeeves the British Wine Butler


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